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Unofficial Python Library for SESAME products from CANDY HOUSE, Inc.

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This project aims to control SESAME devices by using the cloud service.

Supported devices


  • Retrieve the device status (battery level, locked, handle position, etc.).
  • Retrieve recent events (locked, unlocked, etc.) associated with a lock.
  • Needless to say, locking, unlocking and clicking (for the bot)!


Please take a look at the documentation.


Name Lang Communication Method
pysesame Python Sesame API v1/v2
pysesame2 Python Sesame API v3
pysesame3 Python Web API, CognitoAuth (The official android SDK reverse-engineered)
pysesameos2 Python Bluetooth


Name Description Communication Method
doorman Control SESAME3 from Homebridge by MQTT Web API
Doorlock iOS widget for Sesame 3 smart lock Web API
gopy-sesame3 NFC (Felica) integration Web API
homebridge-open-sesame Homebridge plugin for SESAME3 Cognito integration
homebridge-sesame-os2 Homebridge Plugin for SESAME OS2 (SESAME3) Web API
sesame3-webhook Send SESAME3 status to specified url. (HTTP Post) CognitoAuth (based on pysesame3)

Credits & Thanks